Is EZAir a purifier, disenfectant or a deodorizer?? How can it be all three??
The EZAir purifier is :

A. A purifier:

B. A Disinfectant\ Sterilizer;

C. A Deodorizer
C. As a Deodorizer,  EZAir is very effective.  When chemical fumes are removed  and bacteria and fungi are killed, the odors that accompany these situations are also removed.
A.  As a purifier, the EZAir uses Oxygen in its very active allotropic states that combine chemically with both organic and inorganic gaseous fumes in the air and it oxidizes these fumes converting them from a gas to a molecular solid article that has a negative charge (-) attached to that particle.

  Because the particle has a negative charge, it falls from the air to the Earth (+) which is positively charged and collects on everything attached to the Earth.  This can create over a period of time a film on surfaces (Counter Tops, coffee tables, bookcase shelves etc.) and must be wiped off physically to remove them from these surfaces.
B.  As a Disinfectant\Sterlizer the EZair kills and destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi that can be life threatening to human beings, plant life, and animals. It is effectiveness against the following organisms:

         1.  Staphylococcus:
         2.  Streptococcus:
         3.   Micrococcus:
         4.   Listeria:
         5.   Salmonella:
         6.   E-coli:
         7.   Flu Viruses:
         8.   C, Botulism:
         9.    Bacillus subtilis var niger:
        10.   Rhizopus (Fungi):
        11.    Penicillium (Fu;ngi):
        12.   Rhodotorula (Fungi):
EZAir maintains a healthy atmosphere and better living and working conditions for home and office.

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