EZAir We sell and ship Air Purifiers With Warranty
Removes dust,pollen, mold and other particales and replaces it with oxygen.

Estimated 97% of organic odors are removed by EZAir removes smoke,pet, and most other odors from the air.

Kills and inhibits growth of fungi, molds,mildew and microorganisms.

No maintenance or filter , benefits are constant and self-renewing, and rated to run 24 hr. a day

Smells in most cases like fresh cleaning of Clorox, and is a very active PURIFER,STERILIZER, and DISINFECTANT.

Produces negative ion, a necessary component of fresh air, a positive effect on breathing, and immune system, a feeling
of well-being.You do spend over 80% of time indoors, with windows shut.

Who needs It !!

EZAir does not cure illness, but makes the air better to breath. These air pollutants may or may not be in your home


Special Points of Interest:

Installs directly into the HVAC system
and how much does it cost?

No filters to change other than the regular A/C filter

Exclusive 20 year warranty

Which Air Purification System is right for you

Some Pollutants,Their sources & Symptoms

Government Agencies rate Indoor air Pollution as the Nation's biggest pollution problem

Return Policy:  I don't want it??, Its not what I like?? What now!

Is EZAir a purifier, sterilizer/disinfectant , and deodorizer? How can it be all three?
A D V A N C E D  A I R  P U R I F I E R
Indoor Air Pollution is the nation's biggest pollution problem.


Test For Mold Contamination
Fog Mold Treatment For Homes, Offices
Chlorine Dioxide Mold Killer
Mold Abatement
Large Water Damage Restoration
Medical Centers
Multi-Story Condominium Complete
Carpet Cleaning

For More Infomation Carpet Cleaning, Fire & Water, Mold, Restoration in
New Braunfels, and Canyon Lake.

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